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Tech Support Tracker


Project Notes

Site Overview

Tech Support Tracker (TST) is a sample business application featuring submission, response and management of tech support requests an organization. It also uses authentication and ASP.NET membership to allow users of different permission roles to log in for enhanced functionality.


  • Developed in Visual Studio using:
    • ASP.NET controls
    • C#.Net
    • A Master Page
  • Database Created in:
    • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Examples of:
    • Membership Control (Authentication/Authorization)
    • CRUD (Create/Update/Delete) functionality
    • Master/Details View
    • Multiviews

Additional Features

  • Validation
  • Image Uploads
  • jQuery/jQueryUI Functionality
  • Mobile Responsive Design

Users with administrative privileges can respond to and manage tech support requests, including information on requesters, techs responding and request status. All information is stored and accessed from a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Contact me for access to passwords, if you'd like to explore the features of the site in depth.

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